Merchant Online Cash Advance Loans


Whether you’re a corporate, small business entrepreneur or housewife, many times unexpected expenses, unexpected bills, unforeseen costs occurred. You need not to be worried about where the cash is coming from, how you’re going to get it, or when it will arrive. So:

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  • If you are skilled, confident, and creative and have already done homework and research in owing a small enterprise, then look no further.
    I strongly suggest you to visit Cash Advance Loans Online to learn more about this.
  • If your financial limitations are posing a hurdle in achieving what you had dreamt of, then you don’t worry.
  • If raising quick and easy cash advance to kick off your business in this dynamic and ever changing business environment is your utmost requirement, then we have an excellent solution.
  • If you want the loan from the comfort of your own home, cash advance is the right choice. It also helps you avoid costly NSF charges from your bank, additional late fees or penalties from your creditor.

What FundFactor can do for your businesses:

  • When you need money start up a new entrepreneur-We are there with merchant cash advance
  • Need to grow your business and can’t procure loans easily- We are ready with the merchant cash advance.
  • Having bad credit history and can’t obtain a loan- No reason to worry- We understand your need and arrange a cash advance loans.
  • Unable to obtain cash from banks- do not get discouraged- go online and get started by filling out our online form and get approval within just a few business days.
  • Do not want to tell how you use the money for your business- we do not ask for so many formalities.
  • Get Cash Advance Loans in 72 Hours
  • There is No Security or Collateral Required
  • Get cash advance loans without any fixed repayment term
  • You can pay the way you want as there are no fixed monthly fees
  • We do not charge for your Late Payment
  • The repayments is based on a Fixed Percentage of Monthly Credit Card Sales
  • Repayments process is very simple we automatically deduct it from Credit Card Sales

The cash advance funding process is very simple and easy.


  • Once completed forms reach our office, we initiate the processing.
  • A funding consultant is assigned to your case.
  • Your funding consultant will contact you within 1 hour to discuss any specifics and the options that you qualify for.
  • You will need to decide and inform your consultant whether you will like to retain your present credit card processor or proceed with our top recommended credit card processors.
  • Once your selection is made, our consultant will review with you, the terms, and specifics of the funding.
  • A contract will be delivered to you within the hour.
  • Carefully review the forms, sign and return the agreement.
  • Your business account will automatically be funded within 48 hours.


Securing loans from banks and other traditional finance sources are becoming ever more difficult, expensive and time consuming. So FundFactor is a business friendly organization offering merchant cash advance and Cash Advance Loans for quick & handy monetary support for your businesses that need attaining newer heights.